Heaven On Earth ^.^

Children are quick and always speak their mind ,
Tender at heart💕 , witty of a kind ,
Questions they ask  , answers one cannot find ,
Some questions after sleeping over night confirm they are not blind 😎
Handling the gadgets they leave the elders far behind
Until their demand is met , they are equipped with nonstop  alarm to remind !
Don’t challenge them on Vedio game ,
They can put the inventor to shame !
In front of them , don’t try any manipulation ,
They can put you to embarrassing situation !
Especially don’t try to lie about their age for any concession ,
They can put you into long lasting depression !
breaking of rules ,do not expect any replies,
On your only husband / wife ,this rule applies !
They are so brand conscious ,
Ur offer for non branded stuff  will be considered obnoxious !
So much that The brands have also realised ,
Without kids their market stands paralysed !
The way , at this age , cars & bikes they fancy ,
Looks like someone has taught them science in pregnancy!
Exams are completely your headache ,
They give it only for your  sake !
Their favourite is chocolate & milk shake,
They never finish tiffin box that they take !
Never utter anything against their favourite teacher ,
U have not only provoked but  given birth to a preacher !
Their fiends , they eat sleep , dance , cry , laugh with them ,
Friends are their national anthem !
Their tears can move mountains ,
Their laughter & happy mood are like fountains !
Children carry so much of energy ,
In a fraction they can rid you of pain & allergy !
With utmost love & care you must nurture ,
In lies them our future !
children r  our life line ,
They are nothing but incarnation of holy divine !
Proud Father of two children ,
On earth Anoop Daga has found the heaven !

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