Invitation for a karaoke night πŸŽΆπŸŽ€πŸ˜„

      The sweet memories 🎊of descending πŸŒ–winter , The most Creative expressions of luv πŸ‘» innovated by you , to hint her, πŸ’“

      If not shared with us are incomplete like a PC without a printer 

      Friends , Time is making you run after money like a sprinter!  

      The pressures of year end targets on you guys is enough to burden & bother ! 

      The fright of oncoming exams taking its toll on all the mothers ! 

      So ,It’s time to reduce the strain,

      It’s time to give rest to your brain , 

      There is nothing more valuable then friendship that all of us together can gain ,

      Hence friend’s It’s time to party once again ! 

       You both are invited for a pre Exam karaoke session to help you drain , 

      Trust us , Shots of tequila & cocktails will not go in vain ,

      Please be there at Kapasi Villa as music of your choice will rain 

      On 1st February at 7 pm , to 

      Rejoice the friendly chain !

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