My sister’s 25th anniversary, Puri – 2013

All arrangements 🎑at Puri were perfectly 👏in place ,
Every single 💓moment had its own grace 🎀,
Rain Dance ☔️gave the “Sliver Event ” the deserving start 🏃,
Guest danced 👣beyond energy  & drank 🍻to their heart 💕,
Men & Women were getting wet to their desire 😜,
Proved beyond doubt, water 💦can indeed ignite the Fire🔥 ,
As the sun🌞paved the way for the lovely informal  🌚night ,
Cocktail lounge 🍷with mellifluous music 🎻made the ambiance 🌈look absolutely right ,
Couples 💏 & youngsters 🙆were dressed 🎀to kill🔫 ,
But this night🌠, from the silver couple💌, nobody dare steal ,
That Ravishing night⚡️ , the nature 🌁blessed us with a boon ,
Dawned Upon earth 🌏did the silver moon 🌙,
As Silver Lady’s soul 👰dressed in silver streak 💭was mesmerising 😍all of us ,
Passionately Accompanying her was her Silver Man,”God of Luv 💖-The Venus”
As the silver couple 💏began moving around in pair !
Luv could be felt overflowing 💗in the air ☁️,
They affectionately clicked snaps 👥with their Guests ,
“Flash Mob ” a surprise dance 💃by the energetic kids 👯accomplished the rest !
Beach party added one more feather to the crown 👑,
It indeed brought the feel of Goa 🎄🎉to this Pilgrimage town ,
Finger licking food 🍝❗️was unlike a game of dart 🎯,
Everyone for three good days bid good bye 👐to their diet chart !
Final count down 🔢began with the cover of the dusk 🌒,
The sweet smell of Luv was nothing short of Musk ,
Silver couple 💏were elegantly dressed to perfection
Nobody could take their eyes 👀off them , such was the attraction 🎊!
The evening had Anchors 🔱teasing 🆚each other to the core ,
“KABRA AWARDS NIGHT 🎇had lot many surprises 💝in store ,
The audience were treated to series of electrifying dances 👯,
But the dance 👣by Rashmi & Sanjeev was mother of all the performances 💯!
No second thoughts , Being part 🙅of this evening was a matter of pride 👌,
Blessing of Elders 🙏was so nostalgic , even tears 😭could not hide !
Family👪 & friends were absolutely wonder struck with the pampering 👻one cannot measure
A memorable event 🔮that the guest cannot forget to treasure 🎁,
Well , Kabra family  in your honour , we raise a toast 🍹,
It’s not about  the dollars💰 , but the affection ⛄️that makes you most awesome 🌀host !

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