Kushal And Sonal’s Party :)

This is dedicated to            ” Kushal & Sonal ”

Three 🍷cheers to lovely host Kushal & Sonal👫 ,
For a lively evening🌙 which otherwise would have been routinely dull ,
The home 🌇was so beautifully decorated & lit🎆 ,
The feeling 💕was awesome from anywhere you would sit ,
Having dressed the house like a bride👰,
It set  perfect example of neighbour’s envy – owner’s pride
Men were busy with the pack of cards ,
But  with beautiful women 👰around , concentrating on the game was really hard,
In the game , Lady Luck 💞was favouring only few ,
Gamblers never give up ,  winning hope💪, with every game would renew !
Some were loosing 😫& the pockets were burning ,
But Rajesh’s jokes kept the humour 😂churning ,
Bar counter 🍺was irresistibly intoxicating ,
Cocktails 🍸added to the ambiance , there is no debating ,
Women 💃were dressed to kill😍 , they have shown
They were having ladies night & fun 👯on their own ,
The aroma  of Mexican cuisine 🍛had filled the  air ,
Sonal fed the guest with utmost affection ⛄& care,
Deserts🍧 were indeed cherry on the cake ,
Should have taken some home 😜, realised the mistake
Such hospitable hosts💐 , i have scantly seen,i can swear,
May we have a action replay kushal , I wish to dare😳 !
Such Memorable💝 & mesmerising  was this night🌒 ,
It was perfect beginning to welcome the Festival of Lights🌠 !
24/03/15 3:56:38 pm: Payal Kapasi : The saving grace was the woman in red ,
Who made the place lively which was dead ,
Thorough out the house her charm had spread ,
She was like that butter on the bread

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