Fun Fair :D

Dear Friends ,

Spirit of Festival is in the Air ,
Friends you are invited for an exciting “Fun Fair ” ,
Gaming stalls to woo people of all ages ,
Kids can also enjoy caricature of their own images ,
Teens  to Elders have a chance make quick bucks,
Seven up seven down to try your Lady Luck,
Surprise Gifts & lot of prizes At stake ,
An evening of Karaoke Music is the cherry on the cake ,
Kids , Couples & youngsters come dressed in best attire ,
You can put the stage on Fire ,
Finger licking food from afternoon to 10 pm night,
Dishes you cannot resist to shoot at Sight ,
Cuisine from North to South , Italian to Chinese , Chats  to Fast Food ,
Icecream & Floaters to keep Ticking your mood ,
Sunday , just for family it is always meant ,
So ,Give your family an ultimate entertainment ,
Friends , Proceeds will be used only for Charity ,
Expected to be the Most entertaining Sunday in Bangalore City .

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