Driving Away The Dark

Hey your dress in the DP is looking very very cute ,
Smile is so beautiful that the addiction will be acute ! 😄
Where did you learn to smile with so much perfection , 😳
Who can hold his heart from bringing into action 😜,
Trust me The  smile is legendary like Mona lisa ,
People are getting inclined like “Leaning tower of Pisa ”
There is so much expression in your eyes ,
And if one is looking for solace  , I think there it lies !
Your  eyes are glowing with such a spark ,
Looks like Festival of Lights has arrived , driving away the dark ,
But there is one odd thing that can be seen ,
But thats not spoiling the show the  dupatta in green ,
And those white earrings in the midst of the hair so black
Are indeed adding value to the beauty pack , 🎀
“V ” stands for victory  signifies the necklace ,
You are bound to win everyone’s heart 💙like an ace ,
And the pendant 💎hanging at the edge  is looking so delicate , 💦
It’s the final nail in the coffin due to which one’s heart beat is going to escalate ! 💕

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