After drums and rolls ;)

The story of inviting ourselves is very exciting ,
The climate was pleasant as the summer heat was not biting ,
Lovely breeze blowing across the eighth floor ,
Had Something very special behind the door ,
The house behind the doors was decorated like a bride ,
It was perfect example of neighbour’s envy , owners pride !
Wonderful lighting made way for a romantic ambience ,
Colours added by presence of “The Most Desiring Audience”  !
We were there to listen to that mellifluous voice ,
Who sang songs of every ones choice !
Raj had the whole world of music in store ,
Music lovers cannot ask for anything more !
Raj , the perfection with which you sang every number was amazing ,
Trust me , from the bottom  of our heart , we are all praising !
Such mesmerising evenings are very rare ,
Asking for a repeat , we wish  to dare !
The melodious voice was
Itself intoxicating
The atmosphere was perfect for music and liquor’s  dating
The effect of your  song’s were so  influencing ,
That every novice present started singing  !

Roshan’s  hidden talent was hardly known ,
He can be  a show stopper , he has perfectly  shown !

Words are not sufficient to describe the hostess and the host ,
They showered so much of warmth ‘Coz which keeping track of time was completely lost !
I have personally not seen such kind ❤hearted host,
In their honour , I propose to raise a Toast

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